Sunday, November 2, 2008

Preppy Icon of the Day

Today's Preppy Icon of the Day is Alex P. Keaton as played by Michael J. Fox on the series Family Ties. Alex was about as preppy as they come.

The character even makes an appearance in's blurb on "The Preppy Look", being cited as a great example of 80s prep.

Even the New York Times is asking What Would Alex Keaton Do?

And if you're so inclined to show your full support for APK this election year, snag yourself one of these Alex P. Keaton for President tshirts!

So today, let's take a moment to celebrate the preppiness of Alex P. Keaton!


Muffy said...

Hilarious!!!! I'm obsessed. Remember the Reagan poster above his bed?? HAHA! We had a GIGANTIC Reagan poster in my college apt! Too funny!

Preppy Sue said...

I LOVED Family Ties! I recall watching it every week, it was definitely one of my favorite 80's shows.