Thursday, November 27, 2008

True Prep vs. Gossip Girl

"Some Prep in Your Step" by Taylor Lasley is a great bit on the difference in classic prep and the type of prep brought about by the popularity of teen screen phenom Gossip Girl.

My favorite part of the piece:

Someone once told me that preppiness is not just an aesthetic, but also a way of life. So how can you tell a true prep from a “Gossip Girl” fan? Five true prep must-haves:

1. Boat shoes, Topsiders, loafers (or whatever you call them). The staple of any good prep’s closet. The shoes make for a great, unisex look that spices up jeans or dresses down a skirt and tights.

2. The cable knit. V-neck or not, a cable knit sweater is the way to go during the fall season when it’s not yet cold enough to whip out the North Face.

3. Argyle, plaid and pearls. All are cliché, but with good reason. Just don’t go overboard with mixing and matching.

4. A pony or an alligator on the left chest. I’ve said it before: “Ralph is my homeboy.” Ralph Lauren that is. He and those people at Lacoste know what they’re doing.

5. Seersucker anything. Who said Martha’s Vineyard can’t be brought to “The ’Have”?

Any good prep knows that simplicity is key. If your outfit would go along well with a cigar and an equestrian whip, you’re probably on the right track.

How true, how true.

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