Sunday, November 23, 2008

Taking a Page from TOPH

Have you ever wanted to go on an expedition to see if all of the haunts mentioned in TOPH still exist? Well, here's good news... some of them are still around! If you're in the Philadelphia area, a stop at La Terrasse is highly recommended. The bar is one of few in the area that has not experienced the modern decor overhaul that has plagued many of the city's establishments.

From the website:
La Terrasse, lovingly referred to by faculty and students as "LT’s", was first opened in 1966. Over more than four decades La Terrasse has remained a meeting place for academia, and has also grown to be one of the most notable restaurants in the city. Alumni from all over the world have shared stories and memories of their time spent at the venerable La Terrasse. Whether it be debating politics with a professor, a first date with a college sweetheart, or a proposal to a future spouse, this building has seen it all.

La Terrasse holds court at 3432 Sansom, near Penn. Stop in at the bar. Lunch and dinner are fantastic too!

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