Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quality and Practicality: An American Original

I guess you could say that this one's for the boys. Mostly.

There aren't too many shoe styles that transfer almost seamlessly from work to play to a variety of other activities. And if the men in your life are anything like the men in my life, they'd prefer one shoe do it all.

Enter Red Wing boots.

The pair featured above is made especially for J. Crew (as though we needed any more evidence that anything with long-lasting craftsmanship and timeless style is most assuredly preppy), but their line contains a pair of boots or shoes suitable for just about anybody. J. Crew even stocks a miniaturized version for the little ones.

But they're not just for the boys' club anymore. I own a pair of women's Red Wing Inspired boots, for those times that ballet flats just won't do. (Have you ever tried to walk through winter slush in ballet flats? Or worse, heels???)

One of my favorite blogs, A Continuous Lean, has a post that contains a video of how the boots are made in the Red Wing factory. It's a nice watch.

The company's products truly follow their motto, "Built to fit. Built to last." The shoes are comfortable, well made and timeless. Many of the styles haven't changed much over the years, which makes these boots a great long-term option. When you buy your first pair of Red Wing boots, you'll feel the quality as soon as you slip them on. Just like your grandfather did when he bought his first pair.

But these aren't your grandfather's Red Wings.

He's still wearing his.

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