Sunday, November 16, 2008

Preppy Behind the Wheel

LK and I got together recently for a bit, which is a rarity for us, since we've not lived in the same state in 3 years. After we got the usual girlie gab out of the way, our conversation turned to recent (and not so recent) planet friendly developments, namely hybrid vehicles. While there are some that are rather plain and simple, most look like they've come out of some thinktank where all of the members had childhood aspirations of being castmembers on Star Trek. (Itty bitty disclaimer: there is nothing particularly wrong with wanting to be in the cast of Star Trek, but it's not for most people.)

Like LK, I believe that you shouldn't have to look like the lead character in a science fiction flick to be eco-friendly while driving. So keep the Volvo. Keep the classic car you love so much. Keep the true-blue, always-by-your-side steed you've had for 10 years. But take a few measures to make your ride a little nicer to the planet.

A few ways to improve MPG in your own car:
  • Make sure you get your car tuned up regularly
  • Change the air filter–can increase MPG by 10%!
  • Make sure you drive with correct tire pressure
  • Turn engine off if you will be idling for more than a few minutes
  • Use cruise control whenever possible
  • Use overdrive whenever possible–reducing the engine speed saves fuel
  • Check emissions–poor oxygen sensor can reduce fuel efficiency by 40%!
  • Don’t speed–rapid accelertion/speeding can reduce fuel efficiency up to 33%!
  • Roll down your windows whenever possible–using a/c uses more fuel.
  • Leave unnecessary stuff at home–the more weight in the car, the more fuel consumed
So there you have it. Preppy driving CAN be eco-friendly driving!

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Kappa Prep said...

I am keeping my little Volvo!!