Friday, November 7, 2008


I fall in love very easily. With shoes. I find a pair I like and I wear them all the time. Sometimes, I even buy them in multiple colors. I love shoes like some people love chocolate. This past summer, I came across some fabulous (and still earth friendly) casual shoes that are a cross between a moccasin and Clarks Wallabee boots. I'm a superfan of both moccasins and Wallabee boots (though mine are actually off-brand and were purchased about 10 years ago) so when I saw this pair of shoes, I knew I needed them. The Simple Stitch-It was the shoe for me!

But then, I found not one but three bonus features in these shoes.
1) They're fairly inexpensive ($19.90) and shipping is FREE!!!
2) They're as eco-friendly as a shoe of this variety can get and Simple is a terrifically environmentally savvy company.
and 3) You stitch them together yourself!!!
I love crafts, so this was a perfect rainy day project for me. In less than an hour, I had assembled this fun new pair of casual shoes that are super cute with jeans and an oxford button up or fitted tee.

These shoes are great because every once in a while, you just need a pair of ugly-cute shoes.


Anonymous said...

I love your motto - so cute. Your should coin it and market it and help us all be more green!

Midnight Madras said...

I'm all about the ugly-cute shoes....and they're usually the most comfy!!!! Those look like they would feel great!