Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Recycled Nautical Goodness

Continuing with yesterday's nautical theme, today's post highlights two more great finds of the recycled variety.

The spinnaker sail shower curtain comes in red and blue and would be a welcome addition to any bathroom.

Wouldn't these cute cobalt tumblers be just perfect for sipping sweet tea?

They're made of the bottom halves of recycled wine bottles. The fish are etched into the glasses using an environmentally-friendly sandblasting process.

Special thanks to Liz for suggesting Uncommon Goods!!! You can find both the shower curtain and the tumblers on their website.


Elizabeth said...

yay that's me!!

my favorites are the recycled flip flop baskets and the fleece smittens!

Midnight Madras said...

I love love love those shower curtains!!!!!!! How adorable!!!!!!!

Lizzie said...

I must have that shower curtain!!!