Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Making of a Prep

LK and I met six years ago and it's safe to say that we were friends almost instantly. When we met, LK was in a punk-y phase (her term, not mine) but she did own a fantastic set of pearls (her one concession to Southern preppiness).
I never intended to convert her, it just sort of happened.

It started small...
For a while during our college years, LK and I dated a string of guys who all had one thing in common...they loved camouflage. For Christmas a few years ago, I jokingly gave her a camo duffel bag. But it wasn't just any camo duffel bag. I'd had her initials monogrammed in fancy script in the girliest pink I could find. Of course, I had to get one for myself with my own pink script monogram.

...then it grew...
I won an auction on ebay for two Polo oxfords in pale green and pale blue. When they arrived, I noticed that the auction listing had mislabeled the size. Luckily, they fit LK so I gave them to her. I've never seen anyone fall in love with a pair of shirts so quickly in all my life.

...until it took over...
I knew she was officially a convert when I got a text message that said, "Call me. It's an emergency". When I called, she answered with, "I'm in the Polo store and I can't decide which color to get!" Since then, I've served as primary consultant in every Polo Emergency she's had to struggle through. For her birthday this year, I gave her a copy of The Official Preppy Handbook and a Vineyard Vines belt.

Now, she is every bit as preppy as I am (some days she's preppier). Whoops, accidental mission accomplished.

Update: LK has sent me a picture of her with the famous camo duffel bag and approved the posting of said photo. She is sitting in the airport in NYC wearing one of the two Polo oxfords I gave her all that time ago and her favorite Coach sunglasses. She is holding the piece de resistance. I couldn't be prouder!


CashmereLibrarian said...

Camo + Pink: I love this! Hmmm (thinking how I could cut up my husband's old Army BDU's and make them into something Chic..).
Thanks for visiting my blog--hope you find some red velvet cake ;-)

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