Sunday, October 5, 2008

Green Goes to College

My darling little brother is almost a grown-up. I always knew the day would come, but I had no idea it would happen almost overnight. Last month, we toured several college campuses and he narrowed down his choices. In less than a year, RPD will be a college man and he'll be almost 600 miles from home. This year, for his birthday and Christmas (which are just a few weeks apart), I've decided to get him things that he can use in the dorm next year, and then continue using when he moves out on his own.

I searched and searched for an organic quilt or comforter that he would like and came up empty. Instead, I decided to go with organic sheets and get a comforter that he'll use for a good long while (which is pseudo-green and falls into the "reuse" category). Before I bought it, I had him approve it (they can be so picky at 17!) and he fell in love with my selection. Tommy Hilfiger has a madras comforter in browns, beiges and reds. It is backed by blue oxford stripes. To quote RPD, "It'll be like sleeping in my favorite outfit." His favorite outfit is a Polo oxford in the same blue stripes and madras shorts that have seen better days.

I loved the "I'd Rather Be Sailing" pillow, but he vetoed it, citing that a throw pillow would make it look like his mom decorated. Touche, little brother, touche.

And he's opted to not buy posters, etc., for his walls until he gets to school (I don't blame him), but he does have a few photos of water scenes from places we've been (docks, lighthouses, boathouses, etc.) that he plans to bring.

And with that, I am off to watch some of the I Love Lucy marathon on TV Land. Why? Because I love Lucy!

Update: RPD gave me permission to post a picture with this entry. (My law school education taught me that, in life, it's better to ask nicely and get permission than to have to deal with all the paperwork later :)) Here we are getting ready to sail in New Orleans last October:

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