Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back to Basics II

A couple days ago, I posted on preppy staples made from natural and organic fabrics. Today, a friend introduced me to Bergman's, a Swedish company that has been making clothing from organic pima cotton since 1986. Though Bergman's goodies are relatively high-end, the concept is right on target.

For the guys, they have oxford button downs:

and sweaters:

No, sadly, you cannot order the model. I checked.

And for the ladies, they have a slimmer cut oxfords:

and sweaters:

Bergman's also has a selection of khakis and polos for men and women, as well as basics like tshirts.

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Anonymous said...

Great finds! I was delighted to see I had a comment from someone new!! Thanks! I'm going to add you to blog roll right now.