Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Go Green by Going Vintage

This morning, as I was getting dressed, I was contemplating topics for today's post. I ran through a dozen ideas, deciding that none would hold my attention long enough to make a really great post. I threw on my stovepipe jeans and lightweight red sweater. I accessorized with a vintage Lacoste belt and vintage polo boots before topping it all off with a set of pearls (my preppy staple) and a vintage navy and red scarf serving as a headband. By the time I was dressed, I had a great blog topic! One of the best ways to go green is to use what already exists. By wearing secondhand clothing, you're saving energy and resources because those items don't need to be produced.

As a bonus, many secondhand items come with a great story. For example, the scarf I used for a headband came from an estate sale. The scarf's previous owner was not deceased but was in fact liquidating many of her possessions before converging two households into one. It was a fantastic experience to be able to see all of the fabulous goodies she had collected over the years. The polo boots were a purchase I made with the intent to take polo lessons. Work got in the way and I never got to take polo lessons (maybe next summer?), but I have a beautiful pair of boots that I scored on ebay from someone else who had purchased them for exactly the same reason. She never got to take her polo lessons either and the boots sat in her closet for almost two decades before she decided to auction them off. The vintage Lacoste belt was an incredible find at a thrift store where I was searching for hotel/country club/school dishes (just one of my several usable collections).

My vintage accessories look a lot like the ones in the picture below:

**Credit to Bunny Tomerlin, The Vintage Scarf and Amazon for the photos.

So the next time you're surfing the 'net, check out ebay or for that item you've been wanting. You never know when you'll get lucky and find a treasure!

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GrannySmithGreen said...

Great ideas! Classics never go out of style. I wear some of my grandmother's things--and heaven only knows how old they are. She bought great things and I might as well use them. The added bonus is feeling more connected to her as well. Have fun shopping.

Also, if you want to know any more details about Blackberry Farm, just ask. We had an AMAZING time!