Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Longevity... A Fine Investment

Most people think that the only way to go green is to buy only things that are made of natural and organic materials and are biodegradable. Another fantastic way to green up is to invest smartly in things that will last for many many years. If you buy an item that lasts five, ten or twenty years, you're saved from buying more of the same item and using more resources. Smart buying takes some research, however. Smart buys must be timeless and of high quality to be able to last.

Occasionally, I come across a company that makes exceptional products that I feel will stand the test of time, both because of their timelessness and their exceptional quality. One such company I've recently discovered is Grass Court Collection out of Hanover, NH.

The Collection makes some of the finest tennis and yacht club apparel around today. Proprietor Reid Babcox has done a fantastic job of selecting things that are easy to wear now and in the years to come and are made to the highest quality specifications. GCC stands behind every item they sell and provide a 100% guarantee. When you're thinking about going green, think outside the box and into the future. A smart investment in a quality piece of merchandise is a great way to eco-outfit yourself!

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K said...

I think you hit the nose on the head. I love their collection. And, I think some of the preppiest attire is the oldest. Classic sweaters or driving mocs get better with age, I think. Love it!