Friday, October 3, 2008

Eco-Prepping Your Pets

I am the proud parent of two furry four-legged children. Three years ago, I adopted Harper and Salinger as kittens because their situations left them without homes of their own. I'm a soft-heart and I agreed to take them in. Three years later, they are not my cats. Rather, I am their person. No matter how many times I neaten my apartment and put the cat toys back into the basket where they are stored, they will be strewn about when I get home, without fail. Our family sleeping arrangements are also a topic of contention between us. H&S are most comfortable when I am pinned beneath my quilt, unable to move without disturbing one or both of them.

But no more! I am taking back the bed. In order to do so, I have to supply them with an equally appealing alternative. I've done some searching for solutions that would allow them to sleep near me, but not on me, and I really like Bella Dogga pet beds. They're meant for dogs, but we just won't tell H&S.

I love the toile-accented bed

and the polka dot bed is darn cute too!

These two beds and lots of other precious eco-friendly pet beds are available at Bella Dogga. Their website says that they "use sustainable and organic materials, like kapok, organic cotton and hemp webbing, whenever possible. We've chosen organic cotton fabrics for our dog beds that bridge the gap between what is typically seen in organic cotton and your desire to find something that complements your current style."

Your eco-friendliness should extend beyond just yourself. Include your pets in your quest to be eco-friendly. Everyone will be happier, healthier, and preppy as always!

And for the bibliophiles out there, yes, they are named after the authors of two of my favorite books of all time. To Kill a Mockingbird and Catcher in the Rye have a permanent place on my bookshelf.

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Erika said...

What cute beds! I have been looking for the perfect bed for my little prince. We have four fuzzy friends: Moo, my kitty, has a bed we won in a giant pet basket at a silent auction. Lilly, my daughter's dog, sleeps in Paige's bed with her. Buford, my husband's dog, prefers the floor but sometimes will sleep in our bed. We bought him a huge doggie bed but he never uses it. My tiny Yorkie, Max, is the one who curls up in the very center of it. I should take a picture! Anyway I want to get him his own little perfect Max bed. Thanks for the suggestions!