Sunday, December 7, 2008

Well Vers-ed

The Vers iPod speaker dock is one of the most eco-friendly speaker systems around.

Here's why:

Natural - as in the quality of sound and the use of real wood, crafted and finished by hand. Natural - as in the selection of sustainable materials and efficient components. Natural, however, doesn't come easy. The hand craftsmanship required to create a Vers system takes time - more than a week to build one cabinet. There are plenty of ways to build a sound system faster, but few better.

Wood vs. Plastic
The wood used in Vers displaces 80% of what otherwise been plastic. When chosen from carefully managed plantation sources, wood can be a very sustainable, renewable material. There's a reason why many musical instruments are still made of wood; nothing sounds as warm, as rich - or as natural.

Screws vs. Snaps & Glue
All Vers systems are assembled with screws, not adhesive or impossible-to-disassemble snap features. This allows the unit to be easily broken down into component materials to ease recycling.

Recycled from the Start
Simply having recyclable packaging isn't enough - you need to start with recycled materials and use them where ever possible. All paper packaging material is both 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

Energy Saving Amplifier
The class D amplifier in Vers is 80% more efficient than other amplifiers, meaning it uses about half the power to produce the same sound and volume. Class D amplifiers generate less heat as a result.

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