Sunday, December 28, 2008

EcoSalon, Serena & Lily Get Green and What Type of Green are You?

There are lots of items on today's agenda. I am so excited to have discovered EcoSalon through an offshoot link from Viva Terra. What a delightful blog! The site really does have something for everybody, so head on over and give them a look.

I also wanted to alert you to two other fun pieces of info (both gathered from EcoSalon...I am LOVING the site!). First, Serena & Lily, one of my favorite retailers for cute bedding and furnishings for children and adults, has added some organic pieces to their collection. View the EcoSalon article here.

Also, marketing researchers have developed a spectrum for determining a person's "green category" and, though I disagree that there are only four types of greenness (perhaps six or seven would be more appropriate), it is a pretty interesting read. You can view the article here.

And with that, I am off to eat leftover cherry pie. Shh, don't tell my trainer.

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Sara said...

Thanks so much for the feedback! :)

Sara from EcoSalon