Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa Reads Eco-Prep

Firstly, I offer my most sincere apologies for the lack of posts over the past week and a half. Things have been quite busy around here with the holiday and all. If I've learned one thing from authoring this daily (or not-so-daily) musing, it's that Santa reads blogs. Not surprisingly, many eco-goodies were under our tree this year. For JMD, I found a fantastic bracelet made from recycled shoe leather. After I went on and on about how much I loved the bracelet, I received one in return. Fancy that. When I find a website where the bracelets can be purchased, I'll post the link. Until then, you'll have to trust me, they're fabulous! I also received a Recycline toothbrush and some other eco-products in my stocking. I collect dishware from schools and clubs, so I was delighted to open a box containing platters, bowls, and plates with lovely insignia from an assortment of institutions.

The largest box under the tree held a pair of antlers carved from wood. They're from my favorite eco-retailer, Viva Terra. I can't wait to find a fun place to hang these (in homage to Hollister Hovey's divine decorating sensibilities, most definitely)!

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday (whichever you celebrate) and that you are all planning exciting New Year festivities. As for us, we'll be going to a fancy dinner downtown and then rushing home to watch the Tigers play in the Chick-fil-A Bowl (Could they not come up with a more interesting title?). Until later, may life bestow upon you peace and laughter.

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