Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bean Boots, 1941

If you've ever had a question about how long those Bean boots you've had your eye on will be in style, take this as proof that they'll be around for a very very long time.

Bean boots, Time Magazine, 1941

This post comes on the heels of Guiseppe's most recent post on his new acquisition and LK's quest to winterize herself for her upcoming move to DC. After some searching (and some urging from yours truly), LK has decided on Bean boots for trudging through the snow. I have two pairs (8-inchers in brown and mocs in blue) and I love them both! They are my go-to all-purpose shoes. If you need new boots, consider the Bean boot! They'll be around forever!

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BLC :o said...

I looooove Bean Boots. Great post AJD! Xoxo-BLC