Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here and Nau

Outdoor apparel and activewear retailer Nau has officially reopened after a hiatus for restructuring. There's no reason why your wardrobe shouldn't have a lighter effect on the planet all the time...even when you're skiing, or snowshoeing, or during participation in whatever other winter activities you fancy. Do it right, do it Nau. (Yes, I really did think that was witty and clever when I came up with it.)

From their website:

Our design philosophy is built on the balance of three criteria: beauty, performance, and sustainability. Far from mutually exclusive, the integration of these concepts defines a new standard for apparel. Many people make exceptional clothing that embraces one of those criteria. A select few manage to combine two of the three, at the most exacting levels. As far as we know, no one has made a dedicated effort to integrate all three with unflagging commitment to each. Until now.

Do good here.

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