Monday, January 19, 2009

Philadelphia Home Show 2009

I had the pleasure of attending the Philadelphia Home Show today. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of eco-friendly booths in the Convention Center. My favorite booth was Strictly Bamboo which featured 100% bamboo sheets and towels. These were by far the softest sheets and towels I have ever touched in my life! Bamboo is a great sheet/towel option because it's naturally anti-microbial and antibacterial. Good for your body, good for your health!

Another highlight was the Gerhard's Appliances booth where this fun teal Eloctrolux washer and dryer were on display. I spent about 20 minutes playing with all of the neat energy and water saving features!

I also got to check out the Swift Microfiber (a chemical-free cleaning option), Touch of Purple cleaner (an all-natural cleaner/polish that you can use on jewelry, boats, glass, and whole bunch of other things), Solatube (skylight alternative that cuts down on heat from sunlight), EnviroTek green finishing systems (environmentally friendly basement/garage/bonus room finishing), and East Coast Power Savers (a tiny little plug-in that reduces power surges and spikes). There were lots of other green booths and a contest where you can win a $300 gift card just for voting for your favorite green product at the show. The Philadelphia Home Show runs through January 25.

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Tom said...

Oh cool! I didn't know that anyone even made sheets and stuff out of bamboo, but I can se how it's effective, because bamboo is extremely renewable. I also really like the look of the power saver washer and dryer, I can see myself using those.