Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I worry a lot about my own personal impact on the environment. I try to "green" all of my day to day activities like using a Sigg water bottle, taking shorter showers, using biodegradable bath products, recycling, and the like. Even still, I'm left with a great deal of concern about my extracurricular activities. Running and cycling don't pose too much of a problem to the planet, but what about sporting activities that require somewhat disposable equipment? I like to play golf and by "play golf", I mean I like to go to the golf course and swing fervently at the ball (usually missing or sending it into an adjacent patch of trees, thereby losing the ball). Now, I can feel a little better about my because several companies have started making biodegradable golf balls and tees.

If you enjoy golf too, snap up some of these eco-golf goodies. Now, you can look cute in your pink polo and madras shorts AND do less harm to the environment!

Check out Eco Golf and Eco Golf Balls.

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