Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting the Boot

Fashion traditionalists have long thought that there are style boundaries which simply should not be crossed. For example, there is a school of thought that says you should never wear a polo shirt with cowboy boots. My reply? Give me a break! Maybe it's because I was raised in the south. Maybe it's because I worked for a while in Nashville. Maybe it's because I subscribe to the school of thought that says "wear it if you love it." Ralph Lauren feels the same. Read his opinions on the matter of mixing and matching styles (specifically preppy and western) in this article.

**Photo from Vanity Fair

If you're like me and occasionally like to mix 'n' match to change the wardrobe up a bit, try mixing things up in an eco-friendly fashion. This goes for guys and gals. Wear that old favorite oxford or polo with your favorite leather belt from way back when (sans giant buckle...you have to draw the line somewhere!). Pair it with some eco jeans (once more, I offer a plug for Levi's Eco line because I can't get enough of them!!!) and a pair of vintage cowboy boots. I have about 15 pairs of vintage boots, but my favorite pair by far is my Justin boots in cognac-colored suede. They have a slightly pointed toe which gives them just a little bit of edge.

**This is just a sample of vintage boots, these are not my actual boots. I sure wish they were, though.

If you want to try the vintage boot look but don't want to invest a ton of money, thrift stores, shopgoodwill.com or ebay are great places to start. If you're more interested in getting boots from someone who knows vintage, stop by Sputnik Ranch on Magazine Street in New Orleans or Katy K's in Nashville.


Anonymous said...

I love the boots in the pic... want them now! But I think I need to do a few sit-ups first... to me, a good solid pair of boots goes best when one has a good solid flat tummy...

Giuseppe said...

Aren't those Levi's "Eco" jeans still made in sweatshop somewhere?

Just askin.

AJD said...

Levi's Eco jeans are manufactured in three different factories under three different labels. The Capital E Eco collection is made in North Carolina, the Euro Eco line is made in Hungary, and the lower end Eco line is made in the Philippines. All three are available in the US now (the Euro line can be found on Ebay and other such sites). The Levi's Eco line is produced sans chemicals and all dyes are soy based. The idea behind my promotion of the Eco line is the hope that if someone is going to buy a new pair of jeans anyway, they'll go ahead and make the environmentally sound decision to purchase a pair that's lighter on the environment. Levi's is one of few companies who makes this possible in any price range.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Love Ralph and his philosophy!