Monday, March 16, 2009

What I Love About...

Today, I'm starting a new set of posts called "What I Love About..." Whenever I discover something I love so much that I simply have to share, I'll post it in a "What I Love About..." post. The inaugural WILA post is What I Love About... Hilton Suites Brentwood. Mom and I met up for the weekend in Nashville and stayed at this fantastic hotel. It's tiny by city standards, standing only 4 floors high but still, its charm and quaintness outweigh its small size. The beds are super comfortable and mom and I agreed that we slept better in those beds than we had in a long time in our own beds. (Perhaps I should order the bedding from Hilton!) The staff is so kind and helpful and I highly recommend this hotel if you're in the area.

The hotel is making strides towards being green. Their initiatives include the option of reusing towels and changing bed linens every other day.

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