Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bamboo Luxury...on Paper

It seems as though everyone I know is in the process of planning a wedding or getting ready to have a baby. I am elated at the fact that several of my friends have expressed interest in adding eco-friendly touches to their weddings/baby arrivals. Last night as I was searching for eco-friendly wedding and baby announcements, I came across Smock's fabulous bamboo collection.

From their website:

We're proud to be the first print shop in the U.S. to offer printing on a luxury bamboo paper.

What is our bamboo paper like? It's extremely soft, luxuriously thick, and elegantly textured. It's also perfect for letterpress. Essentially, imagine the highest quality cotton paper. Now imagine something even prettier and without the pesticides used in cotton production.

They also have a social stationery collection which is equally as fantastic. If you are in the market for new stationery, Smock is definitely worth a look!

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