Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sometimes New is Better (Off Ted)

I don't usually like newness in television. I eschew most new tv shows, primarily on the grounds that every new tv show I like gets canceled. Tonight, I lifted my ban on watching television premieres for Better Off Ted. I've been excited about the show since I started hearing mumbles about it a few months and I think it might just be my new favorite sitcom!

Jay Harrington is great as morally conscious Ted and Portia de Rossi's Veronica is a fantastic combination of Lindsay Bluth and Nell Porter. If you are a fan of dry humor from shows like Arrested Development, you'll probably enjoy Better Off Ted too. After all, sometimes new really is better!

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milk and cookeez said...

My husband and I watched it too, OMG when Phil kept yelling out, after he was frozen, I was dying. I said to my husband that this show was probably the best 1st episode of a show that I've seen-it explained, rather led you to find out alot of about the characters-without spelling it all out and boring you.
Definately a show worth watching.
We love "dry" humor here-it reminded me a bit of the Office. It's also in a great slot, right before LOST-it think it should be around for awhile.