Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Classic Goes Organic

I am back from all that has been crazy in life! I think I've recovered from working during CMA Fest. I spent most of my time running here and there with the artists I was working with and found myself with limited time to check email and no time to sit and blog. But now, I am back to a more routine schedule and will be posting more frequently.

It's offically hot enough to officially be summer weather and a long-time summer favorite has gone organic. The classic boat tote comes in a new eco-friendly organic cotton but still has the same timeless style we all know and love! The tote is a steal at $15.00

Get it here.

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Preppy 101 said...

It's nice to have you back!! I so enjoy your posts! So I take it that Nashville is agreeing with you?? xoxo