Monday, July 13, 2009

De-stressing the Eco Way

Let's face it, stress happens. It happens to all of us, no matter how calm we are or how we try to avoid it. My favorite way to de-stress is to have a healthy dinner with a glass of wine, take a nice bubble bath, and fall into a super comfortable bed for a solid 8-hour slumber. Since the green movement has steadily spread to all corners, just about anything you could possibly want is now available in "green".

After a particularly stressful day, I love to prepare a quick dinner (or cheat and pick something up) from the organic section of my local grocer or the farmer's market. A glass of organic wine finishes the meal. If you can't find organic wine locally, order yourself a bottle or two from The Organic Wine Company. Check to make sure that your state allows alcohol shipments before you order, though.

The Green Glass Company has a wonderful array of eco-friendly glassware. From tumblers to goblets, they've got it all! I'm a big fan of the clear goblets!!!

Like so many of my fellow greenies, I have eco-sins that go against my passion for living a green life. Among them is my love of the bath. The area around my bathtub looks like an apothecary with all of the products I use, but I try to negate a bit of my impact on the earth by using organic products. Check out The Daily Green's article on green bath scrubs.

Anna Sova makes an incredibly comfortable and still affordable set of organic cotton sheets.

The Bella Pura sheets are available in 4 colors and come in queen and king sizes.

Nothing combats stress like a good night's sleep! So next time you're stressed, feed your body well, take some time for yourself and sleep it off!

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Thanks for sharing the tips about The Green Glass Company! What a wonderful company!