Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Making of the Boat & Tote

This is quite possibly the greatest bag in the world!

If you've ever wondered how the Bean Boat & Tote was made, be sure to check out a cool video of the making of the bags over at All Plaidout. View the post here.


thepreppyprincess said...

This is a great tip Miss Eco-Prep, we're off to learn more!

Have a fabulous Friday,

Mom x 2 said...

Thanks so much for sharing that. I love my boat-n-tote but I need to order a new one. A few years ago they had the build your own and I chose pink with green trim, but my husband hates carrying it when we go to the beach. I'm thinking I need a more subdued one this time around. I LOVE that they started offering longer much easier for lugging it at the beach. The XL size is the best for us with kids.

Dickie said...

100% agree. I have several - groceries, beach travel, work travel. They are work horses.

Thanks for your comment as well.



Muffy said...

HOW COOL!!!!!!!!