Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Greening by Adopting a Pet? You Bet!

So sorry for the lack of regular posts, but it's been very busy around our house lately. Don't worry though, it's been a good busy. Soon, life will go back to normal and I'll have more time to post more frequently. As most of the regular readers know, I'm a huge proponent of pet adoption. Harper and Salinger are both adoptees and they make our house a happy place. If you're considering getting a pet, consider adoption. Adopting a pet is green because it employees the basic green tenets of reduce, reuse, recycle (in a very rudimentary sense). By adopting a pet that needs a home, you're cutting down on the number of animals in shelters and therefore cutting down on the resources necessary to sustain these organizations. Petfinder.com has listings for all sorts of pets (from reptiles to barnyard animals and everything in between) from all across the country. So if you're looking for the perfect addition to your preppy plaid couch or a pal to ride along in your Volvo, you're guaranteed to find a forever friend through any of the many adoption services available. And just think, you'll finally have an excuse to buy that Vineyard Vines dog collar you've had your eye on!

Some friends of mine have a great organization set up in Nashville called Camp Chaos 37206. Visit their website here. They do fantastic work and I throw my support behind them 100%! Isn't life happier when you share your love? Get happy, adopt!

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cben said...

just stopping by to say I enjoy your blog- such an interesting (and important!) concept.

as I type, I'm looking across the room at 2 of my cats, both who were strays that we started to feed (and get fixed, shots, etc.), until eventually adopted each other.

Thank you for such a great post!